Hashtag Thoughts and Ideas


     A #hashtag is a great way to share all of the pictures taken at your wedding on social media. It becomes your own personal virtual wedding album, accessible anytime to you, your friends, family and all of your guests.

Hashtag How To’s

Start with your names.

     Start with the basics. Use your first and last names, or any nicknames as your wedding hashtag starting point. 

Use numbers for extra uniqueness.

     Use the year or date of your wedding to make your wedding hashtag your own. There might be a lot of #DJGeorgeandKat but #DJGeorgeandKat1232019 is a hashtag nobody else will have. (Hopefully).

Check Availability Of The Hashtag

     Before that goes on any invitations or save the date it’s a good idea to make sure nobody else has gotten it. Search it and when the one you have picked is available, claim it and add some pictures to it. Even if you haven’t taken any engagement photos yet that’s okay. Any pictures will do 

Capitalize the first letter of each word.

     Capitalizing the first letter of each word can help with readability. Your guests will see where each word starts and ends. With or without the capitalization, your wedding hashtag will work the same either way.

Don’t overthink it.

     Will you love the photos everyone took forever? Definitely. So if it turns out your couple nickname happens to be the word for a delicacy in another language and you start seeing food photos that aren’t on your menu, just go with it. Turn it into a light joke. At the end of the day, it’s the pictures you’ll really care about having, and that everyone participated.

Hashtag Pros


     We encourage making a wedding hashtag. They enable your guests to share photos from their perspective, and allow a virtual “album” that you can look through for years to come.


It’s Available To Everyone

     The advantage of having a hashtag is that everyone that takes photos will not only be able to post to the hashtag, but they will get to visit it after the party is over. Seeing the day from another persons perspective is very rewarding.

Encourages Picture Taking

     As your guests take their seats in the reception hall, have your DJ announce the hashtag and encourage everyone to take pictures. Because some people won’t hear the DJ, will be busy talking or might forget, consider putting the hashtag in writing possibly in different places like by the guest book, or on the invitation. You have to make a decision that works best for you.

Conveniently Located

     The day you dreamed of has been captured in pictures and videos. All of the beautiful moments, the laughs and the fun that you and your guests had are available in #YourWeddingAlbum for all to see. The people that were there as well as the ones that couldn’t make it can revisit the memories anytime they want. These memories you will treasure for a lifetime.


Hashtag Cons

     If you have any hesitations about having a hashtag there are a few potential reasons you might want to consider. Before you commit to the hashtag, consider the following #drawbacks.


Not everyone has social media.

     There’s a chance a some of the older guests either won’t know what a hashtag is, or don’t have the necessary social media account to use it. Encouraging the use of an app or a website makes sure every guest is on equal footing, and has the same access to the technology as the next guest. 

Not Everyone Will Participate

     You have to be aware that not all of your guests will take photos and if they do they might only end up on their social. Worst case scenario you have to search through their feed to find the pictures they took. If you’re like me you have that one friend that will take photos with everyone and every situation. No worries, she will have you covered.

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