Unplugged Ceremony

Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony


     In our world, sharing our experiences through social media has become normal. The rule is if you didn’t take a picture or record it, you weren’t there. So it makes sense that phone use at weddings is common. Unfortunately, the use of phones during the service can take away from everyone’s presence and furthermore, it may ruin some otherwise great shots your photographer captured. Today, some couples choose to have a cell phone free ceremony. If you don’t want phones getting in the way of you tying the knot, here’s some ideas to  pulling off an unplugged wedding.

Announcing Your Unplugged Ceremony

     There are various ways to approach the announcement of your unplugged ceremony. For instance, you may want to mention it from the get-go on your wedding invitation. You can mention your no-phone rule in a playful way, with a cartoon sketch or fun font. If you don’t want to include it in the main invitation, you can mention the note in the RSVP instead. If you choose to include your rule in writing, it may be nice to briefly explain why you prefer your wedding ceremony to be unplugged, mentioning the benefit of having everyone be completely present. Make it clear that you know your guests want wedding ceremony photos and that your wonderful, trusted photographer will capture some great shots. Alternatively, you can speak to your DJ or officiant about kindly asking guests to keep their phones tucked into their bags and pockets.  Nobody should have a problem with it, it is your wedding day after all.


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