When Renting

     After making decisions on what you want everyone to wear and doing the research to make sure it’s possible, you’ll want to create an account at a boutique and a men’s formal wear store. Stores like David’s Bridal, for example, work closely with The Men’s Warehouse making it easier for the couple to create an account that will give access your bridal party and groomsmen. Multiple locations give them the ability to go close to their homes and get their attire.

     Thinking about what the bride and groom want them to wear more often than not, that outfit will only get one wear and is more economical for most people to rent, rather than buy. When renting, or buying for that matter, we must tell our friends and family to go into the shop no later than 30 days before the wedding to get their attire. We ask them to do this because the shop that we order from needs time to order the items, have it shipped to the store, make sure it fits and time to tailor the item to fit perfectly. All these tasks take time and it’s a awful for them to wait until the last minute. If they wait there’s a strong possibility you will be short a person or two. So make sure you set a final, “Get Your Wedding Wear By Date.” Maybe even say 45 days for those people in your life that you know will procrastinate.

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