Your First Dance

     Your ceremony was beautiful and your photographer captured your first kiss as a married couple. You walk into the reception hall and the DJ announces you and all of your guests stand and applaud. You and your spouse take the dance floor and the DJ starts your song. For the next 3 to 5 minutes everybody is going to be watching every step you two take. It’s okay, take a breath, let’s talk about this.

     A wedding is an event full of traditions and symbols. The first dance of a newly married couple is one of those traditions that is highly treasured. It is also the most awaited moment for the newlyweds as well as the guests. It shows the unity between the new couple and it is an expression of their unending love. 

     Dance gives the new couple an opportunity to express their love through body language. The guests can understand the love chemistry of the newlyweds through their graceful dance movements. The melody of the song and the rhythm of the dance gives the bride and groom an opportunity to come close to each other, revealing how they feel about each other and the love they share. This oneness is to be cherished forever.

     From the moment when you and your spouse step out on the dance floor to the last step you want to be calm, relaxed and you want to enjoy yourselves. We have some thoughts on ways to improve your skill. In you spare time, practice your first dance with your partner, to the song you’ve chosen.  It’s easy and the least expensive of our ideas. You could take some lessons from a pro, in a studio. Definitely a little pricey but could turn into a hobby the two of you share.  A final thought, would be to have a choreographed dance. Very expensive but the wow factor and the video memory would be priceless! No matter if you choose one of our ideas or something else, unless you’re a prodigy, it’s suggested that you practice, practice, practice.     


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